YOU Change and YOU get Better

A journey without a timeline or defined destination.

This is the nature of all grief.

We ask ourselves and those around us… “When will it get better? When will it feel different?”

The most common answer we hear is, “with time”.

But I’m here to say, from my experiences, the real answer to those questions is NEVER. 

The loss we experienced, IT itself will never change. 

But I am also here to say that, WE DO. 

WE get better, grow, change and WE feel different with time.

Whether the loss is a job, a relationship, a loved one or an idea of who we thought we were or who we thought someone else was. 

No amount of time will ever bring back what we lost. 

What does happen though, as we open our hearts and begin the journey through our grief, is we find and discover parts of ourselves and ways of being we never knew existed before. 

And therein lies the beautiful gift grief offers us, if only we are brave enough to embrace it. 

Grief is also a journey you don’t have to walk alone.

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