Grief & Life Coaching

Throughout the years I spent navigating my own grief journey, I often found myself struggling with feelings of being irritated, anxious, and angry and not understanding why. At other times I found myself picking fights with loved ones or numbing and pretending everything is okay. Early on, I experienced long periods of lost time, of feeling disconnected and lonely despite being surrounded by loved ones, and a need to tell my story again and again but felt burdensome to friends and family.

As a coach my desire is to provide compassionate support and understanding for those who have experienced or are experiencing this process we call grieving, regardless of its origin. To sit quietly, bear witness, and be a receiver of stories and to offer deep genuine connection during times of loss and feeling lost.

By utilizing highly individualized support, resources, tools and strategies we work together to identify and process the daily life challenges that arise while navigating grief; boundaries, behaviors, and limiting beliefs; helping to shift these patterns. Resulting in awareness that then ultimately leads to greater transformation, acceptance, healing and growth.   

We don't get over grief. We GROW into it.

Just when the caterpillar believed it was the end, it became a butterfly.

Schedule an initial discovery session where we will address any acute challenge you might be facing and discuss what additional support could look like for you.

The grief itself doesn't change, YOU do!

*Coaching/Mentoring is not a replacement for formal counsiling or therapy


Catie Hill

Intuitive Life Coach / Grief Mentor