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Catie Hill

Intuitive Life Coach and Grief Mentor

What Is Intuitive Life Coaching?

As an intuitive life coach I work with individuals navigating major life transitions.
Providing support and guidance for people in learning how to tap into and trust the power of their intuition and in doing so help them to recognize, transcend and transform all that has been inhibiting them from living their best life.

Grief Mentoring

As a grief mentor I work with individuals facing life changing loss, acute grief, complicated grief and the lesser understood disenfranchised grief; such as divorce, job loss, infertility, miscarriage, or the loss of a loved one to suicide.

Providing critical support to help people recognize and address the pain of their loss, move towards resolution and acceptance, and find healing and growth through their journey.

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*Coaching/Mentoring is not a replacement for formal counsiling or therapy

Catie Hill

Intuitive Life Coach & Grief Mentor


373 S. Drake Rd. Suite 9
Fort Collins, CO 80526