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Catie Hill

Intuitive Grief and Life Coach

Intuitive Grief and Life Coaching

As an Intuitive Grief and Life Coach I provide tools, strategies, understanding and compassion for you, my fellow grief club member, as you move through the process of reinventing your life and identity after a life changing loss.

By investigating the way behaviors and limiting beliefs impact your day-to-day life, I will help you build strategies to shift these patterns, whether you are new to the club or a longstanding member.

The results can be transformative; leading you to greater acceptance, integration, empowerment and growth.

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The Journey Becomes the Mission

The grief journey I have traveled since the devastating loss of my significant other to suicide in 2010 has culminated in a passion and gift for supporting others as they too navigate the long and arduous path that is grief.

My desire is to provide the kind of highly personalized and compassionate support I wish I had had during my most vulnerable times.

If you are experiencing profound grief, I see you. I will sit with you, be with you and support you through your journey. As you move from all the was and all you were before into all that will be and all you will become.

We don't get over grief, we grow into it.

*Coaching/Mentoring is not a replacement for formal counsiling or therapy

Catie Hill

Intuitive Life Coach & Grief Mentor