Catie has been a tremendous source of inspiration and encouragement to me over the past year that she’s been my life and business coach. She has such a compassionate and non-judgmental way of listening then asking the perfect questions to re-frame things so I can figure out my own solutions to huge issues I tackle at home, at work, and with family. With her guidance, I’ve made changes that allow me to honor my boundaries and define success & self-care in ways which are realistic for my neurodivergent brain to maintain. She helps me keep my impact aligned with my intentions and values! Worth every penny! I’m a better manager and mom with her in my corner! 

Janie L.

When I lost a close family member, I felt alone and buried in grief. No matter how much I talked about it and who I talked to, it seemed that no one else could understand the depths of my grief and everything I was going through. That is until I talked to Catie. She walked beside me through my dark forest of grief, gently helping me find the paths that would lead to brighter places. I'm still in the forest but things are a bit brighter and Catie is still walking beside me.

Katy B.

"Catie Hill meets me where I am in my grief journey with understanding and grace. Her compassion and encouragement to gain insight has inspired me to continue onto my new path."  

Lisa G.

Catie is kind, patient and compassionate. Whenever I talk to her I come away feeling so much better than before. Her pure heart and soul have been instrumental in lifting me from sone of the darkest places. 

Drew C.

I recently attended a presentation of Catie's that stimulated my brain, my heart and my soul. Her well-organized, thoughtful, and loving delivery of a complicated, multi-I want to say "dimensional" topic was comforting, stimulating, and loaded with concrete information. It was also freakin' adorable and impressive how she seamlessly incorportated the precious answers of her 6 yr old daughter, who was also in attendance, into more adult versions and beautifully utilized the inevitable moments of disruption to actively demonstrate the principles she was sharing. 

Lori K.

Thank you Catie for being you. You have the amazing ability of letting people know their worth. 

John C.

The grief itself doesn't change, YOU do!

Catie Hill

Intuitive Life Coach & Grief Mentor

373 S. Drake Rd. Suite 9
Fort Collins, CO 80526