You Can’t Control Me

One of my daughters’ all time favorite phrases, “You can’t control me mom!” 

To which my brain defaults, “Like hell I can’t, you just watch me!” 

But then I take a deep breath and swallow the brutal truth… She’s right.

Nativaging the realm of what we can and cannot control is challenging, blurry and often muddled in gray areas that leave us frustrated not only with others but also with ourselves. 

Some things are easy to categorize. Obviously, I can’t control the weather. Equally clear, is knowing I CAN control my attitude about said weather. 

Where things start to get blurry is in situations like the one described above with my daughter. Steven Covey describes this gray area as our “circle of influence”. 

No, I don’t ultimately have any control over my daughter’s attitude or behavior. I also don’t have control over her reactions or feelings. 

Only SHE can control these things.

What I DO have control over is MY attitude, behavior, reactions and feelings. And as her parent I can then consciously work to influence these factors for her by modelling what that looks like. 

The realization that the only thing I can TRULY control is ME was incredibly liberating. And at the same time, completely unnerving.

It meant I could finally release the sense of responsibility I had long been trying to shoulder for others. 

But it also meant courageously turning inward and truly owning all that is MINE. 

Are you ready to be liberated? 

It’s time to take control of YOUR life!

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