The First Step is the Hardest

With tears streaming down my face, here is how the conversation went…

Me: I’m terrified to go.

Them: Do you know why you are going? 

Me: Because I know I need to, for me, for my own healing. I know deep down I need to face it. I need to get myself into my own grief maintenance routine and I feel like this is the first step.

Them: Well there you go. As long as you know why you’re going, you should.

Me: Yeah, I know. The first step is always the hardest though. 

I can’t say this conversation quelled all of the overwhelming emotions I was feeling about that I was setting out to face. 

And I can’t lie, I still almost chickened out. 

But by sharing my trepidation with someone I trusted I was able to get clear on my why and to know I wasn’t alone. 

I knew I had love and support walking with me as I braved that first terrifying step into the unknown.

If you find yourself facing into the unknown, know that you don’t have to journey alone.

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