Lone Wolf No More

Culturally, the concept of complete self-sufficiency and reliability in all manner of being has become the paramount indicator of success.

We have come to falsely idolize “the lone wolf” mentality, made to believe that to ask for help or need the support of others is the ultimate sign of weakness and that our ability to “go it alone” is strength. 

However, despite our cultural teachings, human beings were never meant to go it alone. 

We are as vital to one another as the pride is to lions or the pack is to wolves. 

For apes it’s a band or a troop, whales and dolphins have a pod, lemurs… a conspiracy, hehe! 

For us humans, call it what you like… family, tribe, community, group, team, neighbors. Honestly, I think we should follow suit with the lemurs.

No matter what name resonates with you though, the time has come to release this false idolization and re embrace the pack. 

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