Let’s Talk Intuition

Seemingly, we operate in a world that consistently discredits what most of us refer to as “our gut feelings” as being invalid without tangible fact based evidence. Even Webster and Google’s definitions of intuition state that intuition is a knowingness that is “without evident rational thought and inference” and “without conscious reasoning”. 

This has led to a severe loss of self trust for most of us. 

We are all born with innate intuition and hard wired with a yes/no knowingness. 

However, our intuition is like any other muscle in our body. If we don’t consciously practice using it we lose it.

Challenge yourself to practice consciously tuning into your intuition.

Practice while you clean out your closet or when you are shopping. When driving, notice which route occurs to you first and then follow it. 

Use the mantra below and really listen for your intuition…

Do you hear the words “yes” or “no”? Do you break out in goosebumps when it’s “yes” or feel a heavy weight in your stomach when it’s “no”?

Pay attention to what you notice in your body, listen for the “YES” and begin to take note of how you recognize and experience your intuition. 

The more you lift it the stronger it gets. The stronger it gets the easier it becomes to use. 

However, just like lifting weights at the gym, it’s generally advisable to have a buddy there to spot.  

 I would love to be your spotter!

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