Keep It Simple, Soul

The acronym KISS was first noted as a design principle in 1960 by the US Navy for “Keep it simple, stupid.” 

My first experience with the KISS principle emerged for me in college while working in the technical theatre department. Noting that most often when implementing a particularly difficult design challenge the simplest solution worked best. 

In the nearly 20 years since my college theatre days I have found myself returning to this concept repeatedly in my daily life. Moments when I have felt stuck with something particularly challenging and hearing the faint whisper of “just keep it simple”.  

This has slowly evolved to regularly recognizing the easiest path. Noting when something feels especially hard to stop and evaluate rather than attempting to force a way through. 

It’s time we let go of the false belief that nothing in life comes easy and that if it does we have somehow not worked hard enough or earned it rightfully.

It’s time to embrace the truth that the KISS principle exemplifies, that ALL systems work best if kept simple and not made complicated. 

Learn to trust our intuition, that the first thought or feeling is the right one and that the easiest solution is best.

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It’s THAT Simple!

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