I’m not sorry. I’m Grateful.

How often do we find ourselves using the phrase “I’m sorry” when what we really mean is “thank you”?

For me, I catch myself almost daily.

But with this awareness comes opportunity.

I’m sorry I’m late. Becomes, thank you so much for waiting.

I’m sorry, you didn’t have to do the dishes. Becomes simply, thank you for doing the dishes.

I’m sorry I didn’t get dinner started… Thank you for starting dinner.

I’m sorry, but I need to cancel… Thank you for being flexible.

I’m sorry I’m such a mess… Thank you for your grace, love and kindness.

And so on and so on. 

Gratitude, just like love, carries one of the highest vibrational frequencies possible.

Imagine how drastically we could change the vibration of the planet if each and every one of us turned “I’m sorry” into “thank you”.

What “sorry” will you turn into “thank you” today?

Your daily gratitude practice starts here!

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