Honor Your Natural Rythm

It is that time, all around us we watch as the natural world prepares for winter. We watch as the trees shed their leaves and the bees slowly move underground. We see the squirrels and bears getting fat and ready for hibernation. The bird migrating to warmer climates.

We watch as the natural world begins to get quiet and still.

Every year at this time I find myself enviously observing nature move through this cycle with such grace and ease. Struggling as my own internal pull toward this natural rhythm comes into direct conflict with the human world around me revving up with holiday stress, rush and obligation.

So today, I will honor my own natural rhythm and work to consciously carry that with me through the coming winter. 

I will allow myself the same ease, grace and quietude.

I will sit with the discomfort that accompanies quiet, still introspection and listen for the lessons contained within.

Quiet introspection often leads us down vulnerable paths. These are paths we don’t have to navigate alone. 

If you find yourself struggling during the winter season know you are not alone and please reach out for support.

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