Fear & Doubt Muddy the Water

Imagine you are faced with a choice between two different bodies of water.

One is cloudy and murky, making it impossible to see the bottom or what might be lurking beneath the surface. 

The other is crystal clear, the outline of every surface, stone and shell visible and easily seen. 

Which body of water do you choose to venture into?

When the communication of our wants, needs and desires gets filtered through our uncertainties, doubts and fears it muddies the water.

We are then met with trepidation and resistance because our true intentions cannot be clearly seen.

True clarity and the expression there of requires us to be vulnerable not only with others but with ourselves. 

It requires that we let go of the fear and doubt that muddies the water. 

And to face head on the uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure required for us to see and to be seen, crystal clear.

Ready to get clear? 

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