Better Stories

Hello Beautifully Inspired Beings!

You know that little voice you hear, the one that tells the same stories on repeat? The stories you find yourself not only playing in your head but saying out loud?

“I never have any money.”

“Finding a good relationship is impossible.”  

“I hate my job, but ya know the pay is pretty good and at least I have benefits.” 

“I always fail anyway, so why try?”

“I’m too broken to be loved.”

“I can’t do anything right.”

“I have way too much to do, I can’t ever keep up.”

This week I challenge you to really listen to the things you find yourself saying to yourself and others. See if you can identify one story you have playing on repeat. 

Then ask yourself, does this story serve my highest purpose? 

What most of us don’t realize is we CAN change our stories! 

But we must first become consciously aware of them. Then we can rewrite them. 

Are you ready to rewrite and transform old stories that are holding you back? Even the best authors have an editor to assist them.

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